Wood End Farm

Our family has lived and farmed 1,000 acres at Wood End since 1906.

The farm forms part of the Queen's Duchy of Lancaster Estate and in 1989 we were proud to welcome Her Majesty to the farm. It is a traditional hill farm with beef and sheep set in the beauty and tranquility of this unspoilt area of rural Lancashire.

At Wood End we believe in trying to preserve where possible the best of traditional farming practice to conserve the unique and beautiful countryside we live in; to that end a large part of the farm is in the stewardship scheme. This recognises the work we do to conserve traditonal hedgerows, species rich meadows and look after our drystone walls.

Royal visit 1989

Wood End Farm
Dunsop Bridge

Tel: 01200 448223
Ring anytime up to 9.30 pm.

No smoking, no pets allowed in the property. (assistance dogs excepted)

Wood End Farm 1906

Wood End Farm 2011